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Top 10 Biotechnology Books to Read

Most biotechnology students find it difficult to develop scientific thinking before they hunt biotechnology jobs when they move from their course work to the research phase during the last year of their graduation or post-graduation. They don’t know what biotechnology books are best for researchers. They have no idea how to design their own experiment being a biotechnology student. The reason is that In school and college students follow pre-designed course work. They know their topics. They have a recommended book for each subject. They just cram everything and write it as it is in the exam. On the exam day, one of them is the topper, all the other ones are categorized as average students or the backbenchers. On the other hand, in university you are given a situation to deal with, you might know your course contents but you don’t know where to read them, how much you read about the topic and how deep you should develop an understanding about a specific topic.

Most of the biotechnology students make the mistake that they GOOGLE the topic and read it from Wikipedia which is the worst strategy to learn about a topic. So, how would you read about the topic you are given? What is the right way to understand the topic? What biotechnology books should you read in order to develop scientific thinking? Will you be able to design your OWN research ever?

The answer to all of the above questions is a BIG YES. Yes, you will be able to design your OWN research after you have understood what it takes to develop scientific thinking. Before you understand how to design your own experiments for M.Phil or PhD research, you must go and read the following top 10 biotechnology books especially beneficial to researchers.

1. Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 

Lehninger principle of Biochemistry is the best book for developing a deep understanding about the biochemistry. The book has 3 major sections:

  1. Structure and Catalysts
  2. Bioenergetics and Metabolism
  3. Information Pathways

The biotechnology book has amazing color diagrams. Even if you read the captions and look at the diagrams you develop a strong idea bout that topic.

2. Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development 

This biotechnology book is a must-read for biotechnology graduates, researchers and Ph.D. scholars before they go into the market hunting for biotechnology job opportunities.

3. Molecular Biology of the Cell  by Bruce Albert

To develop a scientific understanding, biotechnology students must read this book before they start hunting biotechnology jobs. Bruce Michael Alberts He has made significant contributions to our understanding of the signaling pathways that allow for chromosomal replication when living cells divide. He is credited for co-authoring the book Molecular Biology of the Cell.

4. Molecular Cell Biology 8th Edition by Harvey Lodish 

Harvey Lodish is a member of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and a Professor of Biology and Bioengineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Lodish is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Society for Cell Biology, of which he was President in 2004. I hope you liked this biotech book.

5. Medical Terminology by David Andersson (Biotechnology Book)

With this biotechnology book, you will study and comprehend the fundamental ideas of medical language, as well as how it is utilised in everyday life by healthcare professionals. Learning medical language is an essential component of any medical job.

6. Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies by Rene Fester Kratz 

Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies decodes jargon and ideas that can be taxing even for the most dedicated student. This biotechnology book covers everything from fundamental concepts to how modern technology, genetic testing, and microarray techniques are expanding research and employment opportunities. It also contains vital advice on how to prepare for – and ace – your examinations!

7. Best Biotechnology Book: Biochemistry by Mary K. Campbell 

The book is designed to help you succeed (and exceed!) throughout, with in-text questions to help you master important ideas, end-of-chapter problem sets categorized by issue type to help you prepare for examinations, and state-of-the-art graphics to help you grasp essential processes and concepts. Furthermore, graphically appealing “Hot Topics” discuss the most recent advancements in the discipline, while “Biochemical Connections” show how biochemistry impacts other subjects such as health and sports medicine. The accompanying OWL homework provides end-of-chapter problems in digital form, allowing you to access hints, answers, and other material directly connected to the topic on demand.

8. Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry by Frederick A. Bettelheim

INTRODUCTION TO GENERAL, ORGANIC, AND BIOCHEMISTRY will provide you with a thorough grasp of chemistry and how it pertains to health science. This best-seller includes dynamic graphics, intriguing examples, up-to-date information, and a wide range of medicinal and biological applications. As you investigate concepts such as botulin toxin as a cosmetic agent, antibiotic implications, the Atkins diet, and UV sunscreen, you will realise how beneficial the study of chemistry is to so many parts of your life. The book’s built-in connection with OWLv2 (Online Web-based Learning) transforms your chemistry study time into active experiences that increase your knowledge and get you closer to your goals.

9. Biotech Book: The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy by Blaine T. Bettinger 

Using the most cutting-edge tool available, solve your family history puzzles. This simple-to-understand book (recently revised and enlarged to incorporate the most recent DNA advancements) will tell you about the many DNA tests available, the pros and drawbacks of the major testing firms, and how to pick the best test to answer your specific genealogical questions.And once you have done a DNA test, you may use this guidance tool to comprehend ethnicity assessments, to navigate potential cousin matches and utilise third-party programmes like GEDmatch to continue analysing your data. I hope you will read this biotechnology book.

10. Biotechnology Book: Genome (The Extinction Files Book 2) Kindle Edition by A.G. Riddle

I hope you will read this biotechnology book. Genome is the last book in Pandemic’s two-volume series The Extinction Files. It is a time-trial—and an examination of the most profound secrets of human life (you will never see coming with a twist at the end of it).

Take away

I hope you will buy one of these top ten biotechnology books before you go for hunting jobs to understand the biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology etc.

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